Vega Tire is proud to announce the formation of the Vega Dirt Series Florida.

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Update Regarding the 2020 Vega Dirt Series
Vega Tire is partnering with several central Florida dirt tracks to develop “Welcome Back to Racing” events. Vega will be sponsoring Pro Classes at select events this season.

As we return to racing, the local tracks will be restructuring their schedules to make up cancelled races caused by the Covid-19 shutdown. Local dirt tracks are vital to the karting industry, and Vega is dedicated to providing support to the local racers.

The Vega State Dirt Series cannot foresee a manageable way to complete the 2020 VDSF season by its targeted timeframe of June or July. We do not want to take racers away from the local tracks. Therefore, Vega Tire is cancelling the rest of the VDSF races this season and will provide sponsorship support to the local tracks.

This new program is the best way to give our Vega series racers a place to race and support the local tracks at the same time.

Vega Tire and the following tracks will support Pro classes for the events listed below. The classes will be: Pro Heavy and Semi-Pro with a $45 entry fee. Pro Jr 1, Pro Jr 2, Pro Jr 3, and Pro Super Heavy with a $30 entry fee.

The tire rule for the Vega Pro classes will be any Vega MCS Yellow tire. Local track rules will apply, and all other classes will use the existing track tire rule.

Pro Heavy $500 to win
Semi-Pro $300 to win
Pro Super Heavy, Pro Jr 1, Pro Jr 2, and Pro Jr 3 Pro payouts will be determined and posted by each track leading up to event.

Winners purses are guaranteed with second and third place at 100% payback. Payouts may increase as tracks add to the purses with additional sponsor money.

Depending on the track Masters and Winged Champs classes maybe offered.

Participating tracks and dates which are determined at this time as we look to add more:
Florida Dirt Motor Speedway Land O’Lakes Jun 6th
Speedway Park Fruitland Park Sep 19th
The Dirt Track Punta Gorda Dec 5th

In addition to the above, the following tracks are holding special Vega events this year:
Marion County Speedway Ocala Jan 8-9, 2021
Volusia Speedway Deland Jul 4 -5 and Oct 23-24

We continue to support the decisions being made by our local and state officials regarding the safety of our racers. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic and Vega will continue to support our tracks, racers, and their families. See you at the track.