Vega Tire is proud to announce the formation of 
	the Vega Dirt Series Florida.

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An updated running order has been posted for Race #2 at Callahan. Click here.
The Event Flyer for Race #2 has been posted. Click here.
Photos for 2018 Race #1 have been posted.    Click here.
Points for 2018 Race #1 have been posted.    Click here.
The Race Report for 2018 Race #1 has been posted.    Click here.
New classes for 2018. 206 Heavy and PRO 206 Heavy classes will compete in the 2018 Vega Dirt Series Florida. You may use your own 206 engine or call your engine builder for possible rentals. Click here for class structure.
2018 schedule has been finalized:
February 3rd.....Fruitland Park May 5th.....Fruitland Park
March 17th.....Callahan June 30th.....Jasper
April 21st.....Volusia September 29th.....Volusia
Junior bubble/borderline age drivers update:
On the “Bubble/Borderline” age drivers may run both class groups:
Jr1 10-year olds can run Jr1 trophy/ Jr1 Pro and Jr2 Pro classes
Jr2 12-year olds can run Jr2 trophy/ Jr2 Pro and Jr3 Pro classes
Jr3 15-year olds can run Jr3 trophy/ Jr3 Pro and Stock Medium Pro classes
All racers still must race Trophy classes in their primary age group
Junior 1, Junior 2 and Junior 3 classes are now an open clutch rule for 2018.
VDS 2018/2019 Schedule
	Mark your calendar!
Vega Dirt Series announces dates for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.
Click here for more information.